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Статьи о часах. Ремонт, настройка уход за часами. Советы и рекомендации мастера. Статті  про годинник. Ремонт, настройка догляд за  годинниками. Поради та рекомендації майстра. Articles  about the clock. Repair and  maintenance of a clock  adjustment. Tips and tricks of the wizard..

Watch repair

Kiev str. Shota Rustaveli 34

Articles about the clock. Repair and maintenance of a clock adjustment. Tips and tricks of the wizard.

Articles and reference materials on the clock, mechanisms, and particularly describing.

1. Water resistant Article recounts why not all Water resistant watch suitable for swimming.

2. Repeater - watch that sound A wonderful article about the most complex mechanical device clock whose name - repeater.

3. Tourbillon. Eighth wonder of the world in your pocket.

4. The balance. The central node, which regulates the accuracy of the clock.

5. CoAxial Escapement - "for" and "against."

6. The materials for the manufacture of watch cases.

7. Construction and principle of quartz movement.

8. Watch and clock repairs.

9. Floor clock.

10. Repair floor clocks.

11. The cost of watch and clock repairs

12. Adjusting the accuracy of the clock.

13. Water resistance in watches - part two. Continuing the theme of waterproof watches the example circuit liner from Casio. Rassmotery the most common misconceptions about the moisture-time cases.

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Ремонт часов Киев ул. Шота Руставели 34

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