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Регулировка точности хода часов. Регулювання  точності ходу годинника. Adjusting the accuracy of the clock.

Watch repair

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Adjusting the accuracy of the clock.

Hours - a sophisticated device, high-precision mechanism, the device allows you to track the progress of time. Modern clocks often serve as an ornament or accessory, which highlights the social status of its owner, but regardless of who watches are made, what materials are made and how many there are - rate them in the first place on the accuracy of stroke.

Setting accuracy of the commonly performed by the manufacturer or hours of the clock mechanism, directly at the enterprise master. During the operation hours are sometimes situations arise when the mechanism is required to re-adjust the accuracy of the clock.

By itself, adjustment accuracy of the clock is the final stage of setting the clock mechanism, up to this stage should be carried out control and debugging of all parts and components of the movement as a whole. The mechanism must be absolutely clean, lubricated with fresh oil and grease in the right places, in strict accordance with the specifications and compliance with the correct dosage. Clock with pendulum mechanism should also be pre-installed correctly.

Violations of the accuracy of the usually indicate a loss of hourly greases and oils, their physical properties, mechanical damages in consequence of blows or falls. In this case, you must first make repairs and clean and only after that will be appropriate adjustment accuracy of the clock that is not always required.

Adjusting the accuracy of the mechanical wrist and pocket watches within one - three minutes, can be done fairly quickly master, but a deviation of more than three minutes a day talking about the need to repair the entire mechanism.

Modern quartz watches do not have the accuracy of the adjustment mechanism. Accuracy of modern quartz crystal oscillator mechanism determines if it fails the master shall replace all microboard with a quartz oscillator.

Despite the diversity of modern devices allow instant off reading accuracy of the clock mechanism, adjustment accuracy of the clock rather lengthy and complicated process even for a professional requires the skills, knowledge and sufficient experience.

Clock setting and adjustment of the accuracy of the - the processes that are better in any case, trust the master.

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