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Глоссарий. Некоторые специальные термины. Ремонт часов. Глосарій.  Деякі спеціальні терміни.  Ремонт годинників. Glossary. Some special terms. Watch and clock repairs.

Watch repair

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Glossary. Some special terms.

Balance – Modern version of the pendulum for example in a wristwatch. Sophisticated prefabricated element responsible for the accuracy and stability of the clock mechanism. On our site there article with a detailed description of this device.

Repeater – mechanism is usually batter the hours and minutes when you call a fight. On our site there сarticle with a detailed description of this device.

Tourbillon – unit hours offsetting error in the accuracy of the mechanical clock, caused by gravity. On our site there article with a detailed description of this device.

Remontuar or remontuara, M. (fr. remontoir). In pocket watches - mechanism for the plant without using the key. In modern clock mechanism of the wheels of the factory mainspring and the transfer of the arrows.

Angrenazh - group wheel mechanism transmitting movement of the anchor mainspring wheel. Usually consists of a central seconds and anchor wheel.

Caliber - corresponds to the conventional use. The diameter of the movement. In recent times under Calibers to understand the mechanisms (movement) themselves, that is wrong. Caliber is not the mechanism but only one of its characteristics.

Chronograph - watchs, or a mechanism to allow additional device to measure time intervals. Put simply watch with a stopwatch. Usually mahanicheskie or quartz.

Chronometer - very high precision mechanism with an error of no more than 4 (in other sources 6) seconds per day. Each of these mechanisms is subject to mandatory inspection and certification.

Precision - mechanism (movement) with improved quality, increased accuracy class.

Springrod - more popular name of a needle, a simple device of a tube with a spring in the middle and ends podvazhnymi anchorages or bracelet to the watch case.

Coaxial - variety of watches trigger. On our site there article with a detailed description of this device.

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