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Спуск Co-Axial - устройство, принцип работы, конструктивные особенности. Спуск Co-Axial - пристрій, принцип роботи, конструктивні особливості. Descent Co-Axial - device, operating principles, design features.

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Descent Co-Axial - device, operating principles, design features.

Technological advances have covered, perhaps, all human activities, including not bypassed and watch industry. Producers, with the advent of new technologies, set out to find completely new, unique developments that implement entirely new concept. In our time, just high-quality, accurate clocks to surprise someone already extremely difficult.

Each manufacturer of course its approach to addressing this issue. But should pay attention to the fact that inventing something completely original in this area is almost unreal. Over the past two centuries, a lot of ingenious watchmakers thoroughly worked hard on this field of almost leaving no chance of our contemporaries.

At the 1999 exhibition in Basel, the company introduced the OMEGA development, which, according to the mechanical watch factory, represents a revolution not only in production hours, but in general the approach to the issue of implementation of the mechanical solutions seemingly long-established principles. The new model from the collection DeVille was given a mechanism that George Dani-els - the famous watchmaker invented back in the 70s. This new mechanism has been implemented a new modification of descent, called later the coaxial.

Descent Co-Axial - device whose principle of operationIn all previous implementations of the trigger, using lots of lubrication was inevitable that, in turn, put a certain threshold, not allowing to improve the accuracy of the clock mechanism as a whole. George Daniels decided to overcome this barrier. For a long time, studying in detail and carefully analyzing all existing at the time of development, Daniels has developed its own, a new concept of Co-Axial Escapement.

Knurled (as opposed to sliding) impulse on balance, would eliminate the grease in the Co-Axial Escapement.

Improvement of mechanical contact forms require substantial revision and the structure of the device. But subsequently the output is actually more accurate slope. It is true we can not say that that the process of assembly, even at the present level of technology is quite complex and requires real skill.

Descent CoAxial - For nearly a quarter-century drawings of the coaxial descent gathered dust on a shelfGeorge Daniels, as a scientist, theorist developed the concept of a coaxial descent rather simply as an interesting theory. At least in the beginning of his career, he did not expect any production. Probably for this reason not only the development in the form of drawings and the first operating prototype, as it unfortunately happens very often, just lay on the shelf for more than twenty years.

But on the other hand, the invention has been totally secret. At the Co-Axial Escapement was issued the patents, and even more so, it included many time references. But only in the late nineties OMEGA suddenly realized that more than twenty years pass by watchmakers really fundamentally new clockwork.

Descent CoAxial - OMEGA promises to transfer soon to all hours of the OMEGA Coaxial EscapementAfter reviewing the original project, elaborating and implementing it in an improved caliber 2500 (analog ETA 2892), OMEGA launched several pilot lots to look at new product and see whether it is revolutionary. Upon leaving the new model immediately doubts vanished. OMEGA the beginning of the celebration of the triumph, which was reflected in the endless promotional campaigns, presentations, and promises soon to translate all the clocks on the OMEGA Coaxial Escapement (it should be noted that the firm has acquired in undivided ownership rights to its implementation).

Descent Coaxial - Coaxial Escapement certainly has some advantagesBut in other matters, not all met the "novelty" with the enthusiasm with which the promotions and presentations. The famous Walt Odets watchmaker, doubted that all this hype for good reason, decided to explore a new watch OMEGA. He has long carefully analyzed the mechanism of OMEGA 2500 and came to the conclusion that the Co-Axial Escapement certainly has some advantages: it allows for well-established precision manual assembly of hours despite the fact that it was created without manual handling and manual are not regulated.

In fairness, Odets draws attention to the fact that if in the Co-Axial Escapement grease was excluded, then in another place (namely, at the fork axle journal descent, as well as no impulse surfaces of small wheels descent) it must give twice as much. And this is the most bottleneck coaxial descent.

Descent Coaxial - just another extremely difficult descentBy and large, Daniels has created just another extremely difficult descent, while proclaimed by OMEGA revolution could theoretically put in creating highly functional, but in fact a simple mechanism. In general we can rightly say that the OMEGA inflated bubble healthy, well to make money.

Co-Axial Escapement spun in the best tradition of advertising, there unfortunately is no revolutionary new approach to promote the product was not observed. Buyers showed strange, but "intelligent" drawings and diagrams, commented in general terms. George Daniels (no doubt a very talented watchmaker) was elevated to the genius of the age. OMEGA watches unexpectedly quickly fell in love with almost all the polls, the masses adored show business stars, revealing showing his wrists on numerous billboards, in newspapers and magazines, advertising banners.

But she had an hour to OMEGA quietly teaches the buyer to the fact that the brand it is, in actual fact, an elitist. Still, it is in the hands of all the keys to a new era of watchmaking. Apparently, this privilege allows the right and disrespectful behavior towards competitors. OMEGA allows himself to put today and distributors and specialized publications conditions à la "or we, or they are".

Descent CoAxial - or need a marketing courseWell, no time in history met a such attempts to take market attack on all flanks. They ended with a meteoric rise, or catastrophic collapse. While OMEGA successfully collects income by investing money in no new developments in marketing courses. But the buyer to the beginning of the XXI century has become quite picky and competent. And honesty manufacturer now has no less effect on demand than well-organized campaign, people have learned to circumvent the tricks advertising.

So it is anyone's guess what will turn to be quite successful in the past, this marks OMEGA groundless attempt to soar above all in the end. Though today it is safe to say that in fact no revolution has not occurred, although a massive marketing campaign actually took place. By itself, Co-Axial Escapement device technologically complex, hence expensive, but it's pretty important counterbalance to all, even the most unusual inventions.

Those who wish to purchase unique toy, of course were at all times, but perhaps it is wiser to be guided at all the same mass buyer, who as always, makes a decision about the purchase, given the optimal price and quality. Opening with the mechanisms that implement the Coaxial Escapement in this line do not clearly fit. On the other hand watch with coaxial escapement rightfully adorn watch collection absolutely any level.

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