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Напольные часы. Підложні годинники Grandfather clock.

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Grandfather clock.

Grandfather clock, by tradition, are not only an instrument for measuring time, but the piece of furniture, enhancing the social status of its owner. As before, a good clock can not afford people quite wealthy. The cost of quality floor clocks can not be less than $ 1,000.

Today, at the watches market offers a variety of models of Grandfather clocks for every taste and color, now clock is not hard to find at virtually any decor. It is widely reported as a mechanical clock performance from the most simple without extra features and battlefield, and the most complicated mechanical chime with quarter combat, changing melodies and off, including the automatic striking mechanism at night. With additional devices, in-kind seconds hands, lunar calendars, barometers.

Grandfather clock with quartz movement are just a very large assortment.

As a kind of interior clock, clock indebted to Germany. Serial production of floor clocks from the beginning of the last century has been established there. Before the Second World War have received the widest popularity clock by Gustav Becker (Gustav Becker). Gustav Becker were well known and popular back in tsarist Russia, but after the Second World War, the enormous flow of floor clocks was introduced into the Soviet Union as war booty.

Carrying out repair Grandfather clocks Gustav Becker, talking with the owners, often two - three generations, for myself, I noted that clock is almost always cause a very warm and pleasant memories. The history of origin and residence floor clocks in the family always told not just with a smile, but it is happy.

After the war, was adjusted production floor for clock Orlovsky watch factory, under the brand name Amber. It should be noted that the mechanism of our floor clocks Amber the highest quality in the production of machinery for floor clock as bearings used ruby stones, as well as the production of wristwatches of the highest quality.

The repair of clock over twenty years, I've never seen from other manufacturers of flooring the watch with ruby bearings. The mechanism of floor clocks Amber Orlovsky watch factory than an hour the battle clock the same beats quarters of an hour. And the highest quality floor clock mechanism Amber is a very complicated device.

Today, the leader in the production of not only watches, but also of movements for floor clock is a company Hermle. Hermle - combines ancient tradition, experience and modern technology. Today, many manufacturers for their models to buy it at the mechanisms Hermle.

Widely known as products of another German company - Kieninger. Today, interior Kieninger clock can be seen quite often. Kieninger clocks are not only different types - floor, wall, table and fireplace, but also represent very different styles. From the newfangled "techno" to quality collections made in antique styles of different times.

Relatively recently the market has a new interior clock representative - an American brand Howard Miller. Howard Miller brand products represented as collections of marine chronometers, showcase and street clocks. A variety of representatives of watch market, a healthy spirit of competition, as always a very positive effect on the quality of clock and related products and services even more advantageous price offers to customers.

As a modern grandfather clock, and their antique ancestors is also a kind of investment. Clock with time growing up in price, this is undoubtedly the most valuable gift for purchasing a quality With proper care, will last clock hundreds of years, this can now say with certainty confirmed by practice.

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