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Стоимость ремонта часов. Вартість ремонту годинників. The cost of wathes repair.

Watch repair

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The cost of wathes repair.

The cost of repairing watches perhaps the most important and common question that arises from our customers. Unfortunately, to answer it clearly is impossible. Especially, it is not correct to speak about the cost of repair hours on the phone. The fact that the current hours are usually equipped with a fairly complex mechanisms.

Very often, more than fifty percent of cases, in order to assess the state of the mechanism and determine the strategy and therefore the cost of repairing watches, you need to make a partial or even complete disassembly of the clock mechanism.

Simply put, to determine the cost of repairing the clock is not always possible immediately, even when you show the specific hours of direct master. Also on the cost of repair affects the nature of injuries or damage. Please do not attempt to repair the clock, unfortunately it is independent attempts to repair are the main cause bad damage to the movement.

Watch repair pocle unskilled intervention would cost significantly more. The second reason why the cost of the repair time can increase significantly - from entering the mechanism of moisture or other corrosive liquids. Many details of the mechanism of modern watches are made of steel and do not have additional coverage, because when released into the mechanism of water very quickly corrode.

The electronic and electro-mechanical clock moisture also disables the battery, the closure could damage the entire electronic control unit and its individual parts. With prolonged exposure to moisture microboard destroyed track.

If the glass in hours of the clock face was covered with perspiration, it is better to go into the studio, it's a clear sign of violation of water protection.

But not everything is always bad. A frequent cause of failure of the movement can be vyvernuvshiysya vibration screw. If the screw can be removed without dismantling the mechanism - such repairs in our workshop will take less than a minute and is absolutely free to you.

Determining the cost of repairing watches, the master also takes into account the need to replace parts and components, or their restoration in cases where appropriate. In any case, after the assessment of the mechanism of our master you talk in detail about possible options for repairs and will recommend the highest quality and optimal cost.

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