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Ремонт часов. Ремонт годинників. Watch and clock repairs.

Watch repair

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Watch and clock repairs.

Watch repair or service hours become necessary since the onset of the first mechanical clock. The first clock were fairly simple devices, and maintenance or repair just did not need.

But the scientific and technological progress does not stand still. Modern clocks have been quite complex and fascinating journey from primitive to modern clocks automatic chronograph with complicated calendars.

At the beginning of time stories watch repair, as a rule, did the master who created this watch. Mass production hours as such did not exist. Each watch had a unique mechanical marvel created by hand and a piece of art.

The first course became watchmakers jewelers. Repair of watches and their production as the good old days and today demands the highest professional skill, care, accuracy, knowledge and experience.

The work of a watchmaker, and today is often compared with the work of a jeweler. But if the jeweler's easy enough to do the job, even with lots of tiny elements. Jeweller in choosing the dimensions of the product has sufficient freedom. Watchmaker, this freedom does not have every detail of the movement, which is being repaired or manufactured must be absolutely exact size. In addition watchmaker is not enough to do the job just beautiful, the detail necessary to withstand the mechanical stresses.

If the process of production hours with the development of technology has never been easier, the repair of watches remained at the same level of complexity, almost all operations at various stages by hand. Master of producing watch repair, feels mechanism in the literal sense.

None of the most modern and expensive car today is not able to quickly and accurately diagnose - to assess all the damage and defects, and identify a strategy or plan that will be repaired hours.

Also in itself repair of watches nowadays are often confused with the process which should be called adjustment. This is what they do service centers. Service centers usually do not make repair hours, and make adjustment. Repair hours provided proper repair of defective parts and components, rather than simply replace them.

Service centers typically produce exactly the replacement of defective parts and components. If the serial clock, this approach is valid, then a few hours or arrangements not for lack of repair parts in the service center hours will simply not possible.

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