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Ремонт часов своими руками. Ремонт годинників своїми руками. Repair of watches with his hands.

Watch repair

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Repair of watches with his hands.

Today, the network can meet a lot of articles, even a training video courses on how to do his own hands almost anything. Watch repair is no exception. If you type in the search engine the phrase "watch repair their own hands," you can easily find not only articles, but whole websites devoted to this subject.

Typically these sites simply regurgitate word for word books published in the middle of last century, new books to repair watches unfortunately almost none. There's only at first glance, all told, and often shows quite clearly seems to be simple and clear. I will talk about what these materials do not say. Let's start with opening the case. Modern housing wristwatches specially designed so that its opening requires a special tool.

Even with this tool, the master must have a very significant experience, in order, so that opening the case, while it does not hurt. Beginners are usually masters of this operation is not trusted.

In order to close the case as requiring special keys or press with a special profile rims. Attempts to close the clock hands in the best case would be futile, often with clients such attempts to damage the body itself or the cover glass.

Even so, so easy to disassemble and assemble the most simple working clock mechanism requires experience and knowledge of the principles of his work. During Soviet times, the market could meet the designer that allows you to build simple electronic mechanical watches (not more than 10 parts) with a fairly detailed description of the assembly process and tool kit. Many people could not do the job for a day, whereas it is enough to master about three - five minutes.

In addition to knowledge of the device is very important to the ability to use the tool. There are certain rules, for example, a screwdriver must match the caliber of the screw, or propeller is damaged. When repair is not only important mechanism to return the performance, but also to maintain an impeccable appearance.

Details of the movement can not take your hands, it is often not possible because of the small size. To take part you can with tweezers, but that it should feel. Feel the tweezers you can not teach any one site or video course. If the attached capture effort to be insufficient, the item will drop. If too strong - and the shot is likely to be lost. To acquire such skills master it requires at least 2 - 3 years.

The conditions under which work is performed with watch movements, deserve special attention. Workbench watchmaker differs from the usual table at which the mechanisms of hours of work is not very convenient. The master continuously monitors the purity, on the workbench, tools, parts, hands, clothes in the room should be free from dirt and dust. Humidity should correspond to the norm.

All this applies only to the process of working with a serviceable watch movements. To repair need more experience, practice and knowledge. Need to know exactly how it should be, to determine what is malfunctioning. Very often even quite experienced master is extremely difficult to detect a defect, not to mention its removal.

Most parts require repair or replacement. The repair or manufacture of parts of the movement - is the highest degree of skill watchmaker. But for typical breakdowns each master usually has a stock of necessary parts or components of movements. During the repair of hours with their hands, even if you will determine the cause of failure of the movement, to eliminate this problem does not work, replace the faulty part will be nothing. This is another reason to abandon attempts to self-repair.

It is also important to note that despite the fact that even metal watch parts due to small size rather delicate and require careful handling. In the modern mechanisms of quartz often used wheels made of polymers and plastics, as these mechanisms because of design features do not experience large mechanical loads.

The practice shows that attempts to repair watches with his hands or repairs are not enough qualified technician almost always cause more damage clockworks. In such cases, if at all possible repairs, the cost of significantly increased.

Modern watches in addition to what are precision instruments, and even fairly sophisticated device. They are almost always equipped with additional devices such as calendars, automatic winding, chronograph. Watch and clock repairs are best left to a good master, the only way you make a quality repair, with a guarantee.

A good watchmaker, like any other specialist, learning almost every day life. After reading an article on the web or viewing a training video course to become a watchmaker is simply impossible.

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