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Копии Швейцарских часов. Копії Швейцарських годинників. Copies of Swiss watches.

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Copies of Swiss watches.

One of the best is not clear to the consumer issues in the watch business - copies of Swiss watches. As a matter of owning a watchmaker and knowledgeable of the nutria problem in the literal sense, will share his observations on this issue.

Why is it copies of Swiss watches, I hope it is clear, thanks to extensive advertising companies, Swiss watches is considered to be the most expensive and most prestigious. Organization of production of copies, for example Casio, or closer to the subject of Swatch think the company is certainly unprofitable.

It is quite another to manufacture Patek Philippe for $ 300 apiece. Those wishing to pay such amount there, and they will be much more than those who are willing or have the opportunity to buy the original model. The question of whether attempts to deceive themselves or others omit this topic for quite a long conversation. It is better to consider the options - what is sold as copies of Swiss watches.

If it is correct to start from the beginning, a copy of swiss watches - the product is absolutely legitimate. No one on any terms has no right to produce any Swiss watch company, without authorization, the latter, of course, none of the Swiss watch company will not give.

But despite the seriousness of this issue make a replica watch. Conventionally, I would divide them into three large groups - forgery, copies and imitations of famous (popular, prestige, etc.) models. Let us look at each group and their differences.

Counterfeiting of Swiss watches.

All imports are doing ... but in general it does not matter where, it is important. Counterfeit copies of a variant of which are quite difficult to distinguish from the original, because all visually consistent even in small details, but copies of Swiss watches in this group are often made from low-cost (to the detriment of quality) materials.

As a rule, the sale of the party shows the mass flow of fakes in the repair of watches with the typical, the same defect or malfunction. Swiss watch manufacturers actually pay much attention to quality, because admission to the party selling the phenomenon of marriage is almost real, the detection of such an unpleasant moment usually speaks the whole party.

Replica Swiss Watches.

It is extremely rare, the main difference from fakes - have copies of the relevant notes and was not originally created for fraud - trying to sell as the original model at a price corresponding to the original. Copies of the technical, structurally and functionally fully comply with the original. The quality of these copies is quite comparable with the quality of the original model.

Replica watches are rare because the production of copies of very expensive, sometimes less than the production of the originals. Also remember that the mass production of copies is not legal.

But sometimes, make a copy of it is legitimate, not only with the original manufacturer. Sometimes these joint promotions, and mutually beneficial to the customer and manufacturer. Audi on the anniversary of soy was presented to employees as a memorable gift copy Chronograph Breitling (with an inexpensive quartz movement, chronograph, the original mechanical) Audi inscription and logo on the dial instead of the Breitling watch.

By the way, many awarded after the event expressed their desire to purchase the original Breitling this particular model.

Simulation models of the popular Swiss watches

This is exactly the group that usually try to sell as copies of Swiss watches. Most sellers are the group as exact copies of Swiss watches, which is absolutely untrue. On closer inspection, you can quickly verify that a functional "copy" the original did not fit.

Chronograph is a simple example - is not just a watch with a few extra dials, arrows, which are moved by one unit when you press the button. Chronograph is a watch with a stopwatch, which should act as a stopwatch.

The material used to produce shockingly poor quality. Most springs in the mechanism are made of iron. Spring should actually bounce and not behave like plasticine.

The appearance of the mechanism in the body with a transparent back cover sometimes frightening. Most really looks like an ax cut down and processed coarse file. At present the mechanism of appearance of copies of the original, visually, almost impossible to distinguish.

Wizards are extremely reluctant to accept such a watch in for repair, precisely because the mechanisms are literally crumbling in his hands. To speak of a guarantee in such cases is not very correct, because the master and does not want to take responsibility.

Unfortunately, we have simulated purchase of Swiss watches, which are usually presented as copies of Swiss watches - almost always just a waste of money.

The solution of course must take the buyer, but you need to have at least a rough idea about the subject of purchase, which is the words of the manager to sell copies of Swiss watches is not possible to make. Most likely, you will simply be systematically instill that in addition to price there is no difference.

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