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1api и Hexonet воруют домены 1api та Hexonet крадуть домени Registrar 1API GmbH and Hexonet GmbH stolen domains.

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Registrar 1API GmbH and Hexonet GmbH stolen domains.

Now we can confidently say that accredited domain registrar 1API GmbH and its partner Hexonet GmbH steal domains customers. In ICANN knows about it but does not find the international coordinator kriminal of stealing someone else's property is nothing shameful considering similar actions norm.

Schemes which 1API GmbH steals domains next customer. At one point Reseller (official partner) 1API GmbH stops responding. Attempts to reach technical support to no avail. Contacting 1API GmbH, as higher reyestratora, thereby registrar simply ignored.

Under the rules established by ICANN registrar must provide their customers almost around the clock technical support, but ICANN is especially accredited registrars like 1API GmbH, they can publish on their websites not working contact information or just do not care for any user requests.

After the next term of domain registration, even if the continuation of the domain you have paid in full and on time 1API GmbH takes your domain from reseller to himself. Responses from 1API GmbH you will not get in the next two months while whois still publishes the Domain you as the owner, but the domain is obviously not working.

After two months 1API GmbH kindly informs you that your domain was deleted by costs for conducting! Here's how, and know I know nothing, and that you are there reseller pay no idea moves now Plead my cause with the reseller if his catch. Or is there a better option easier and more profitable course is not for you, only to 1API GmbH.

Go and pay another $ 60 for a recovery but the fun is not 1API GmbH, and in some Hexonet GmbH " the same as we are," so literally and said the same scammer.

Oil painting - work not knowing grief four years with "A", then suddenly ( I was not informed that I have new registrar), a company "B" after two months of hibernation states says - and what's the problem? Bring $ 60 in Company "C".

And tomorrow and Hexonet GmbH dissolve in the mist, and then what? So do not worry, 1API GmbH has not yet come up with a name for their pockets. Pay no sense, it is the experience of foreign colleagues useless, because no one will return the domain is not promised. Moreover from the time you say that came another request from an interested, and these things one way out - the auction. And the fact that you are really the only legal owner just forget.

I do this nothing is possible. The only way to declare your domain stolen. In my domain was not but after checking promised to make the list of stolen domain. To place an order sufficiently describe hystory theft and send at

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